Wholesale Vintage Edison Filament Bulb C35 E27 220V 12W 8W 4W Retro E14 C35L Led Dimmable Candle Bulbs Lamp For Indoor Chandelier Lighting

Attention: If you buy "Dimmable LED",please only use "LED SCR Dimmer" to control,otherwise,the dimmable bulb is not functional.


2 Filaments (Replace about 30W Compact Fluorescent Lamp);

4 Filaments (Replace about 50W Compact Fluorescent Lamp);

6 Filaments (Replace about 90W Compact Fluorescent Lamp);

8 Filaments (Replace about 120W Compact Fluorescent Lamp);

New LEDs, it gives out bright and comfortable light color.
360° Light Hassle,High transmittance glass.
Low heat and power consumption, best energy saving, safe and efficient.
Environmental friendly, no UV and IR radiation and does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
Long service life.
High transmittance glass.
Designed to fit standard E27 fittings, easy to install.
Suitable for pub, exhibition, office or home use, etc.


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