Wholesale 10pcs Mini G4 LED COB Light AC DC 12V 220V Bulb Warm/Cold White 360 Beam Angle Chandelier Replace 20/40W Halogen Lamp Spotlight


- Base Type: G4

- LED Chip Model: COB LED

- Beam angle: 360 degrees

- Color Temperature: Warm White: 2800 - 3200K , Cold White: 6000-6500K


• Chandeliers,Kitchens

• Living Rooms,Dining Rooms

• Bedrooms,Hallways

• Shopping Malls,Office Building

• Hotels,exhibition halls, hospitals


• Save electricity bill. Replace 30W T3 halogen bulb by LED G4. Save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting.

• Maintenance Free. Extremely long life LED bulbs in it, save cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.

• Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury.

• Solid State. Shockproof and vibration proof.

• No Hazardous Emissions. No UV or IR Radiation.

Note:ACDC12V lamp can work on both AC12V and DC 12V, DC12V lamp only can work on DC12V, so if your voltage is AC12V, pls choose ACDC12V. If you don't know your voltage is ac12v or dc12v, pls choose ACDC12V bulbs.


Q1. Why does the 220V G4 can not work ? 

A1. Please check your old G4 lamp carefully,is it 12V or 220V? In most country,G4 is 12V.

Q2. Why does the 12V G4 flickering and make a noise ? A2. Do you use the halogen G4 lamp before? If you want LED lamp replace halogen lamp,please change a LED transformer for the G4 lamp holder.


• Reduce your electricity bill and save money

• Help preserve the environment by reducing carbon footprint

• New technology provides increased lifespan compared to less-efficient incandescent