Wholesale MiBoxer 2.4G Smart LED Bulb MR16 GU10 E14 E27 4W 5W 6W 9W 12W CCT / RGB+CCT Lamp Wireless Remote Control WiFi APP Voice Control




Miboxer is Mi.light subordinate new brand.


Miboxer bulbs includes two major types as follow: 

RGB+CCT Bulbs:   With RGB and Cool White & Warm White LEDs, can adjust any color you want. 

CCT Bulbs: With Cool White & Warm White LEDs, can tune from cool white to warm white.


Miboxer Bulbs can either controlled via Miboxer handy remote details as below, or APP & Third party Google Home / Amazon Alexa Voice control (Must use with WL-box1.) 

RGBCCT Bulbs compatible with following remote:

FUT096, FUT092, FUT088, FUT089, B8, B4/T4, B3/T3, B0.


CCT Bulbs compatible with following remote:

FUT006, FUT007, B1/T1, B2/T2, FUT087.


4W MR16 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT104):


4W GU10 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT103):

5W E14 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT013):


6W E27 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT014):


6W GU10 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT106):


9W E27 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT012):

12W E27 RGB+CCT Bulbs (FUT014):

RGB CCT Bulbs manual (Here FUT106 only as illustration,others are similar except base/wattage/shape/size difference.)

RGB+CCT LED Bulb Handy Remote (FUT092):


6W E27 CCT Bulbs (FUT017):


6W GU10 CCT Bulbs (FUT107):


9W E27 CCT Bulbs (FUT019):


CCT Bulbs Munuals (FUT107 as reference, others are similar except different shape/wattage/size):

CCT LED Bulb Handy Remote (FUT007):



WiFi Hub (WL-Box1):

Only needed if you want to achieve phone/tablet APP control, and / or third party alexa/google voice control.


Package include:
As selected.




4W MR16 RGB+CCT Bulb:

4W GU10 RGB+CCT Bulb:

5W E14 RGB+CCT Bulb: 

6W E27 RGB+CCT Bulb:

6W GU10 RGB+CCT Bulb:

9W E27 RGB+CCT Bulb:

12W E27 RGB+CCT Bulb:

FUT092 RGBCCT Handy Remote (Mi.light package):



****************************************************************************************************************6W E27 CCT Bulb:

 6W GU10 CCT Bulb:

 9W E27 CCT Bulb:


FUT007 CCT bulb handy remote (Mi.light Package):


WiFi WL-Box1: