Wholesale LED Bulb E27 110 220V Light Bulb Real Power 3 5 7 9 12 15 18W Bombillas Ampoule Lampada Led E27 Lamp Warm White Cold White Home

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110V 220V led bulb E27  3W 5W 7W 9W 12W 15W 18W Aluminum plastic led light bulb lampada warm white cold white led lamp for home       


Led chip:SMD2835                                

Lamp Holder :E27                           




Luminous efficiency :≥95                                                                  

Warranty:1 Year



2. Full power! High brightness

3.IC driver, no flicker,  not easy to burn out,longer spanlife

4. Aluminum in plastic body, good heat dissipataion

 5. 270 degree beam angle. 

Item details

Why us?Why our price is expensive than others? 

Others price : cheap Our price : much expensive ?

Let‘s see the difference 

1.We use IC driver, cost is more expensive than RC driver.

Then why we choose IC Driver instead of IR driver? IC driver is more stable, the bulb would not burn up easily,works stable,longer lifespan guarantee; no flicker,it can protect your eyes,suitable for AC85-265V voltage.

Our driver:IC driver Others driver:RC driver

  Our led board and IC driver:

Our bulb:NO flikcer,good for eyesOther cheaper:Flicker often

  Real test to show our bulb is No Flicker

2. We use high quality aluminum plastic body,good heat dissipation, lifespan guarantee again.

3. Full power, high brightness . Check the test result in the picture please. 15W’s real power is around 15.2W, 18W real power is around 18.3W. 

Notice: Not each bulb are 100% the same power like picture, because of the different time production,

there are about 2-5% power tolerance.