Wholesale 10x G4 12V 3000K Indoor Clear Halogen Super Bright G4 Halogen Light Bulb 20W Halogen G4 Lamp Warm White indoor lighting

10x Super Bright G4 Halogen Light Bulb 25w 40w 60w Halogen G4 220V 3000K Warm White Indoor Clear Halogen G4 Lamp



100% Brand new!

Traditional halogen filament, make the mini beads cheap enough, saving dollars for you.

Burning at once, never needs warming-up.

Mini capsule body, high lumens output and ultra long service life.

Used in ceiling lights, table lamps, kitchen, side reading, outdoor lights, under cabinet fixtures and closet lights.

Sell in bulks, you will get a big bargain.

Base: G4 (M91), 2-pin

Voltage: DC/AC 12V

Wattage: 20W

Color Temperature: Warm white (actually resemble orange), 2800K

Diameter: About 0.8cm/0.31"

Height: About 3cm/1.18"


Never touch the lamp surface or capsules when burning.

Do not clamp or shake the pin with force, or the glass at the bottom will be crack.

Package Included

10 X Halogen Bulbs