Wholesale Rechargeable-Emergency-Light-Bulb Stay Lights Up When Power Failure 1200mAh 15W 6000K Battery Operated for Home Camping Tent

About this item

💡【Emergency Light Bulbs for Home, Business】 These rechargeable emergency light bulbs work as normal bulbs, and can charge itself when daily use ,stay lights up hours for 4-5 hours during home power failure. Suitable for 85-265V voltage.

💡【Suitable for E27/E26】The base of these rechargeable light bulbs is E27,also applies to E26,Not only for ceiling use, but also for lamps with the E27/E26 screw-in base.

💡【Energy Efficient Light Bulbs】750lm with low energy cost. 15W LED light bulbs 80W Equivalent to save at least 80% energy and electricity cost.

💡【Easy Use】Screw it into the E27/E26 base of the ceiling, turn on the switch and it can be used normally. When the light is off, it does not emit light. When there is a power outage in your home, just install the bracket hook, or touch the bottom with your palm, and it can glow without power.

💡【Multiple Uses】Not only a necessity during power outages, storms, hurricanes, etc., but also for outdoor camping.To get prepared for emergency with this emergency light bulbs, and say good bye to extra candles, flashlights and lanterns.