Wholesale 1-10PCS tuya LED RgbCW Smart Light Bulb Dimmable Gu10 6W Wifi Led Magic Lamp AC 85V-265V Work With Alexa Google Home


Type: GU10 C37 A60 T37 WIFI bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

Material: Aluminum+Plastic

Item Color: White

Function: WiFi control, Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo Google Home Assistant

Light Color: RGB+Cold White (6000K)+Warm White (3000K)

Socket Type: GU10 C37 A60

Power: 6W / 10W

Voltage: AC 85-265V / AC 220-240V

Chip: LED SMD 2835

CRI: >85

Lumen: 80 LM/W

Life: >50000h

Beam Angle: 120 degrees / 220 degrees

1. Voice Control:Easy voice control of all smart light bulbs via integration with Amazon Alexa Echo or Google Home Assistant, this includes turn on/off, brightness. Ex, you can say, "Alexa switch my smart light bulbs brightness to 50 percent". No Hub/Bridge Required!

2. Timing Control:Never come home to a dark house - by using light schedules on the "Magic home-Smart home" app and be greeted with warm light. The timer function enables smart led light bulb power on and off automatically.

3. Remote And Group Control:Keep connecting this wifi smart light bulb with your home network (only supports 2.4GHz Wifi), you can remotely control smart light bulb on your smartphone Simulate when you leave home, there are people in the house. Group control function allows you to control more than one smart light bulb at the same time for scene setting.

Instructions for use:

Step 1:Preparation for use

1. Power on the bulb while ensuring that the phone is connected to the 2.4

GHz Wi-Fi network;

2. Download and open up the app: Search for "Smart Life" in the App

Store or scan the QR code on the package/manual to download and

install the app;Please click the "Register" button to register if you

download it for the first time. If you already have an account, click the

"Login" button.

Step 2:Device Network configuration

1. Open up the smart life app "Devices" page, click the "+" on the upper

right corner of the page;

2. Select "Lighting " on the device list page;

3. There are two config mode:EZ mode and AP mode

1) EZ Mode

Ensure the light flashing quickly (twice a second) which indicates that

the device is in config mode which allows you to connect.

Please press the lamp switch by 5 times (on-off-on-off-on) , stay in the

open state ,till the light flashing quickly. Click the "Confirm Light blinks

rapidly" button on the page to start configuration.

2) AP Mode

Click the "AP Mode" in the upper right corner. After the indicator light

flashes slowly, click the confirmation button on the page to connect to

a 2.4G network. Then click "Connect Now" to connect to the hotspot of

the device "SmartLife_XXXX".

A60 G45 C37 GU10

Step 3:Network access settings

1. Input the WIFI password, pay attention to connect 2.4G network

environment, temporarily do not support 5G network;

2. You can see the light bulb on the "Devices" page after setting up


Step 4:Control devices

1. Open the light control page. If it is off, only the "Schedule" function

will be displayed below. When light up, the complete function will be

displayed at the bottom;

2. Click on "Color " , you can manually adjust the brightness and color

temperature of the light;

3. Click on the "Scene", you can choose the lighting mode under

different scenes.

Note: Please scan the QR code to watch the device control video.